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                            Generator Sets
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                  Founded in 1989, Soar Power is a group corporation integrating power machinery and electrical equipment. We mainly engage in the business of Generator sets, Marine power, Oil & Gas power, Industrial power, Construction equipment and Power plant engineering. The products are widely applied in various fields including Factories, Mining, Oil fields, Power plants, Ships, Transportation, Construction and Communications, etc.

                  Soar devote to provide safe, reliable and durable engine equipment for power plants, marine power and Oil & gas industry. We, with rich experience in power plant design and construction, have won the trust and satisfaction of clients around the world by prominent quality and outstanding performance. Our core business activities are EPC of thermal power plants, co-generation power plants and combined cycle power plants,as well as the supply of main equipment for power plants and offshore projects.

                  We have established a perfect market network and won excellent reputation, and we have maintained good cooperation with world-class companies in this field such as MAN and HHI, etc. After-sales service is provided to customers through a global service network of long-term partners, which provide after-sales service, spare parts and a trouble shooting advice on our machines.

                  We have formulated a scientific, normative standards and management system, and we pay great importance to human power with a result of that we have trained an experienced work team. We recognize the importance of the product quality and after-sales service. We’ll provide quick and round-the-clock service to guarantee your interests. The company's main purposes: Create and guarantee our customer’s interests.

                  The company is market-driven, customer-centered, continuously-improved. Insisting on quality rather than price, survival by quality, and development through innovation is Soar Group’s tenet.

                  Business Scope
                  1. Engine generator sets, Turbine generator sets and EPC of Power plants projects.
                  2. Marine engines, Marine gensets and Propulsion system.
                  3. Engines, Generator sets for the Oil & Gas industry and Offshore engineering.
                  4. Industrial machinery, Industrial engines and Construction machinery.

                  Soar's Spirits
                  Innovation, Dedication, Honesty, Commitment

                  Soar's Promises
                  Customers First, Service Timely, Quality Excellent

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